As an organization that serves Marylanders, the Pro Bono Counseling Project is proud to partner with MOVE Maryland to raise funds to support mental health services across the state. If you are interested in supporting PBCP while being active, consider signing up for MOVE Maryland’s virtual day of wellness on November 7th.

MOVE Maryland is providing nonprofits and their supporters from across the state with an initiative to get moving, connect with others, and support community-based programs. By either donating or raising at least $200 individually or as a team, you will receive a unique access code so that you can spend the day viewing virtual workout sessions and listening to music. Joining MOVE Maryland’s virtual day of wellness is a great way to support PBCP and other Maryland nonprofits while participating in a day of wellness with your friends, family, and colleagues. MOVE Maryland has partnered with nonprofits from across the state to foster relationships and reach fundraising goals. Pro Bono Counseling is excited to join MOVE Maryland on November 7th for its virtual day of wellness. We hope that you will join us!

If you are interested in registering for MOVE Maryland’s event, you can register by visiting their website. Sign up to join the MOVEment here and select PBCP during registration to support us! When signing, please indicate your support for PBCP. We are excited to spend the day getting virtually active with you! #MOVEmaryland #MOVEmarylandforward