In commemoration of World Suicide Prevention Day, PBCP is pleased to share information about a free support group for survivors of suicide attempts offered by EveryMind in Rockville, Maryland.

Guest Blog Post by Kirsten Robinette, Online Emotional Support Specialist at EveryMind

Have you or someone you loved struggled with suicide? For many of us, this answer is yes. We often become the support systems for those who are struggling with mental illness and thoughts of suicide, and for some of us, we have been the ones depending on others to get us through the dark times. After an attempt, it may be difficult to continue to rely on that network – we may feel like a burden, or feel that they no longer have the tips and tricks that help. This is the underlying catalyst for the Free Suicide Attempt Survivors Group. No one deserves to be alone or deal with so much without getting that support and without feeling as though they have a safety net they can turn to.

Sometimes having the support of others who understand makes it easier to get through the dark times. The suicide survivor’s attempt group provides a safe place to process your experiences and share your feelings – without judgement. The people you connect with empathize what you might have been through, and might even have ideas that helped them.  Being connected with others, especially those who support you, decreases that isolation many feel before and after an attempt. The support group is also there to assist you in understanding what led up to that point, so you are more readily able to identify those warning signs and triggers, as well as help you come up with a plan to tackle them. When we are feeling so overwhelmed, it can be difficult to find ways to cope. This group will help build up your tool box of positive coping skills, on top of getting you linked in to even more resources in your community, so it is easier to manage.

Lead by two licensed clinicians who regularly work with suicide prevention, you will have the guidance and care that can make it easier to navigate thoughts of suicide and help keep you safe. The support group is based on the Didi Hirsch Model and is an eight-week survivors group to allow us to connect with others who know what it is like – and give us resources, insight, and skills to make any further obstacles a little less dark.

For more information or to join the group contact or call Lorraine at 301-738-8516.